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Broad Objectives

  • To encourage university departments and affiliated colleges to setup an entrepreneurship culture.

  • To create uniform framework for start-up initiatives in university departments and affiliated colleges.

  • To develop pre-incubation ecosystem to translate research from laboratories and classrooms of university departments and affiliated colleges into practical applications addressing the market and social needs

  • To link Government, Academia, Society, and Industry through systematic ways for further entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • To inspire students, faculty members and non-academic staff in the university departments and affiliated colleges to gain benefits from State‟s Start-up initiative and GoI s 'Start-up India' programme.

  • To provide end-to-end support to students, for launching their start-ups during the course of their study or within three/four years of graduation.

  • To setup special purpose systems to support business ideas of students, faculty and staff

  • To equip students and faculty members with the necessary skills and knowledge for managing their business enterprise and provide mind-to-market pathways for successful start-ups

  • To encourage industry and government to engage with universities on problems needing solutions through start-ups

  • To create platforms for engagement for funding opportunities for start-ups in competitive as well as collaborative manner

  • To create internship opportunities at start-ups for students to have firsthand experience in start-up activities.